Day 42 – Project cont.

I’m making some progress on my project – slowly but surely…  I’ve gotten stuck on a lot of different things that have each taken a long time to solve, but little by little it’s getting there.  Dealing with jQuery Mobile has been frustrating because it does some things behind the scenes that cause some strange effects.  But then the same could be said of Rails – like yesterday when my CSS style files weren’t loading the first time I loaded a page (but if I refreshed they did) and then also my back button wasn’t working right – I was pretty sure it was jQuery Mobile’s fault but it turned out that Turbolinks in Rails was the culprit.  With some help from my teacher today I did get the stamps/clip art to save to the canvas so that is a big breakthrough.  The days are going by very quickly.  I’ll just get as far as I get by Friday.

I should also mention though – that I have been struck a number of times by the fact that Rails really is pretty cool.  There has definitely been a learning curve over the past few weeks, but now that I have the basics down it all just kind of really makes sense.  It feels good to understand the framework and have everything so modular, and the set-up for Rails just makes sense and although it seems complicated in some ways, it really is all designed to make things easy!  It just takes some time.  Plus things in Rails have fun names like Sprockets.  :-)

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