Hard to believe but I’m done with Coding Dojo.  The past 10 weeks have been a total whirlwind and it’s really flown by.  But I’ve learned so so much, it’s amazing.  Although there are definitely aspects of Coding Dojo that are not ideal or that could be improved, the most important thing is that I’m coming out of it having learned so much.  And overall one of my big takeaways is that their curriculum, as in the topics taught and the order in which they are taught, is really good.  I’m glad to have covered such a wide variety of topics, and looking back now, it all makes so much sense in that each topic builds on the topics that came before.  The experience building a project was also really valuable, and I learned a whole other set of things through that process.  In the end, I felt really good about my project for the amount of time I had, and it was fun to show it at Demo Day.  I’m sad that Coding Dojo is over, and it’ll be so different not to be going there every day and seeing everyone and continuing to learn in that intensive, immersive environment.  But I’m so excited to keep learning and keep building things.  I have a long list of things I want to do, between getting more experience learning Rails, learning other technologies that I didn’t learn at Coding Dojo, continuing to add to my Math Canvas project, and building new projects.  Overall, I’m just so excited to have found something that I love so much.  Who knows exactly what my future holds, but one way or another I know I want to continue down this “coding road.”  And we will see where it leads…  :-)

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